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Like this beautiful clean building, we as android developers can build clean, fast and beautiful app architecture using many libraries like Hilt, Dagger …


Before we dive into the world of architecture and how to design a beautiful app architecture, let’s talk about dependency injection

Dependency Injection (DI) is a technique used widely in development in general and in android development in particular, the main idea behind DI is to inject all dependencies a class X needs rather than initializing them inside the class itself and by doing so you as developer gain lot of benefits

In this article we will take a tour in the new Flutter package shaped_bottom_bar and create examples that implement a variety of shapes already defined in the package.


In order to create a navigation bottom bar is really simple in Flutter but to implement a more advanced ones you need more skills and more time.

This is the main idea behind this package, shaped_bottom_bar is trying to ease the implementation of an advanced designed navigation bottom bar, by giving us a variety of shapes and its behavior is simple : the selected item will get the shape type given as…

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After we have discussed all the benefits of software packaging and how it can be a good choice for companies to grow their business and get new clients

If you don’t read the first part you can find it in this link Flutter: the power of software package — Part I | by Badr Kouki | May, 2021 | Medium

In this part we will get our hands dirty and implement an example of software packaging using none other than Flutter, so prepare your workspace to start but first we will se a brief recap on software packaging

1 — Software packaging and Programmable apps

The idea…

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Flutter or Sky as it was firstly named, is Google’s SDK for cross platform development, not only mobile but cross all platform and devices smartphones, tablets, web, desktop, mac….

Flutter was released the first time on 2017, since then it gets more and more attentions and growing community

In this article we will not discuss technical aspects about Flutter or how to buid something, but rather we will focus on how flutter is taking development to a new level in terms of scalability and softening we will discuss also how Flutter can be good bargain for companies that seek growth

1- “Software package” in development

Before we continue our journey in the standards set by Google, I recommend that you take a look to the first part of this article if you haven’t see it already

Android app quality standards according to Google | by Badr Kouki | Feb, 2021 | Medium

In the first part of the article we discussed the standards in 3 aspects

in this part we will discuss on details the remaining aspects


In this aspect developers should synchronize between Google’s standards and the…

Since July 2005, Google has taken over the Android system with a lot of enhancement and with 11 stable versions so far.

The improvements the system has seen concern all the aspects from security, performance to design and user experience Android also supports many devices other than smartphones like smart watches, smart TVs and cars.

Android Achievements

Android is now the leading OS for smartphones with 71.93% market share in January 2021, and especially Android 10 with 43.13% in the same month, this leading is taking place for while now for example in 2018 Android have 85.1% …

Sometimes you have a long list and a big app bar showing image but that’s painful for your users to see the full list, say no more ! this article walk you through the process of building a scrollable app bar with list of items.

At the end of this article you will build an App like this one!

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With more than 2 years of experience, Kouki Badr is a Flutter, Android and iOS developer. Bachelor degree in computer science and artificial intelligence.

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